The Power of Hashtags| Effectively Using Hashtags on Social Media
2022 年 2 月 15 日


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What are you looking to achieve when adding hashtags to your content?

The use of Hashtags helps in attaining better engagement and greater exposure to audiences. Social Media users can easily trace and connect with your posts by searching through the used hashtags.

Over the years, hashtags have gained popularity and suddenly they have evolved into a greater significance in the modern world. In today’s social media, users track topics and conversations by tagging keywords and phrases.

Now that we have a clear understanding of how powerful and effective hashtags are, businesses can utilize the use of it ensuring the hashtags are relevant. What do we mean when we say the hashtag should be relevant? Let’s have a look at some of the things to consider when using hashtags.

  • Avoid long hashtags: Hashtags should be easy to read and remember. This means that a good hashtag has to be relatively short and unambiguous, this means you will see only those mentions that relate to your campaign. A short hashtag becomes easier to understand the content of what the post really wants to communicate. When hashtags are long, it becomes difficult for one to combine the initials to understand what the post actually means.
  • Use a few words: How do you feel when you read a post with too many hashtags? It is always good to avoid spamming your hashtags, you can do this by using a few words. 13 powerful and relevant hashtags are enough to reach your target population, this doesn’t burden your post hence helping you to garner new followers.
  • Understand the type of hashtag strategy you are using: There are three types of marketing strategies for hashtags, these are:
  1. Brand and Campaigns hashtags_ These are tags one makes for his/her own business or during a campaign. When choosing these hashtags, you should consider a hashtag that is unique and consistent with your business.
  2. Trending hashtags_ Trending hashtags are topics that have become popular and many people are talking about. It is always good to use a trending topic that is relating to your brand.
  3. Content hashtags: Content hashtags are used on posts and they relate to the post
  • Consider correct timing to use the hashtag: Knowing the correct time to execute your hashtag will be of great help because using a hashtag of an event that has already happened will be of no relevance.

Whichever social media platforms your brand uses as part of its social media strategy, knowing how to use hashtags will help boost your brand’s social media engagement.