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Blogging For Business? The Right Length For SEO

Blogging for SEO is an interesting topic for debate because different people have different opinions and they are probably all right.

But are you convinced that what you know as the best length of a blog post for SEO is correct?

Well, length is not the only ranking factor for a blog post. Short content however, often does not answer the search query that the user is looking for.

Many aspects can and should be considered when deciding the preferred length for your articles and blog posts.
The two most important factors that answer this are:

How long should a blog be, to be acknowledged as a well-explained question and thus, does it engage the users as well as answer their queries?

Who is your target audience?

Make sure you look into these two crucial aspects before you get started on your blog.

Any short content is not ranked as high-quality content or resourceful for an SEO blog since Google demands facts and evidence from authority institutions on this regardless of the topic. Otherwise lengthy content typically has these factors baked into it.

The absolute ideal length for SEO reviewed in 2020 is 1760 words.

According to diverse research done in the past ten years. It is known that the Google algorithm prefers more content when going nip and tuck on shoulder content. Blog posts with over 1000 words do better in this case.

A blog post should have at least 300 words on the minimum.

Retaining more than 300 words keeps your blog from being considered narrow content on your website and this is a road to a high ranking. Though this can only happen if you adhere to these crucial factors considered when writing a blog post.

These factors aim at answering the questions from the users to leave them satisfied with your data.

Now let us discuss the factors considered along with length;

Use Target Keywords

Put bolder and bigger text and bullet points at the begging and have that repeating at the end. This will make your blog look shorter and have your users interested.

Include images and videos to attract your user’s attention and enhance your content. They should be well explained and flow with your blog.

The Use of Data and Examples

Use examples relating to your blog post and stick to keywords related to the examples as well. Focus on answering small questions in line with your topic and not only the big or main topic.

Finally, the number of outside domains linking to your website is essential to the length of your blog post.
This could be from your socials or shares by previous users.

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