The brilliance of our PPC consultants give you the best return on investment and eventually, this is the only scale on which we measure the success of your PPC campaign.

Why PPC?

The best part of paid search and return on investment is, they are parallel. It is the most accurate and precise scale available in measuring your return ROI.

Your business cannot afford to waste serious money on PPC campaigns that fail to bring in customers, by overbidding and overpaying for non-converting ads.

Pay-per-click marketing truly has the power to deliver instant traffic to complement your existing digital marketing strategies. But in order to reap its benefits, you have to do it right. Skysail Digital can help.

Pay Per Click FAQ

A paid online advertising strategy, allows your business to place ads online. You can promote your company in search results, on websites, and social media platforms.

An ad network is a platform that can deliver your ads to users. Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an example of an ad network. If you want to create PPC Ads, you will use an ad network, like Google Ads, Facebook, or Twitter.

These ad networks can connect you with different audiences, as well as supply unique targeting options.

Ad spend, also known as advertising spend, is your ad network budget. It’s the much you’re willing to spend with ad networks, whether for a particular period. In most cases, businesses use ad spend to refer to their monthly budget.
As an example, consider the budget of a company with a Kes 100,000 monthly ad spend:
Total monthly ad spend: Kes 100,000
Facebook ad spend: Kes 30,000
Google Ads ad spend: Kes 30,000
Instagram ad spend: Kes 20,000
Twitter ad spend: Kes 20,000
It is best to create an ad spend that fits the needs of your business and audience.

You can dedicate your entire ad spend to one ad network, like Google Ads, or multiple ad networks.

How You Benefit?

With the recent introduction of innovative features such as product images, consumer ratings, map information, and the likes, Paid advertising has revolutionised. PPC now involves more than just brainstorming over keywords and keyword phrases and strategically bidding.

You can trust Skysail Digital to use a comprehensive and scientific approach to generate maximum ROI from your PPC campaign. We test keywords, marketplace verticals, and business models to develop a strategy that is backed by facts—not assumptions.