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3 Tips and Tricks to Get The Most Out Of Your Custom Audiences

We have to agree: Facebook Custom Audiences are a vital tool for a successful advertising campaign on Facebook. 

Custom audience targeting is the crown jewel of Facebook Ads. 

Sadly, most advertisers on Facebook do not realize the magical power of custom audiences.

Here are the top three tips and tricks to get more value out of your custom audience in target marketing.

Facebook Custom Audience Tip #1: Find & Eliminate Audiences That Do Not Convert

Non-performing audiences are average or below average in a marketing campaign that does so little to move the needle.

To boost your Facebook ad performance, you will have to eliminate some of the non – performing audiences. They’re dragging your overall average down!

How do you do it?

Using the different ads and audience insight tools given by Facebook. 

They are a laser-guided detector for your Facebook Custom Audiences!

Take, for example, an Ad of a Weight Loss App:

  • Women ages 35-44 and women 45-54 are likely to engage with this ad than any other age/gender. These are their best performing-audiences, the very best performing demographic.
  • Men, across the board, accrue 58% of impressions but account for only 40% of the engagement (note: Facebook is a pay-per-engagement ad platform, so spend = engagement). Men 25-34 are their non-performing audience, as they are the least likely to engage.

What do we do with this eye-opening audience insight?

Remove men from your ad targeting!

It might sound extreme, but the issue with Facebook ads is that they’re not free. 

You want to make sure that every coin spent gives the best results for your money, so you’re going to need to be keen as to who you serve your ads to.

Why spend money on women aged 13 – 24 who will not convert? 

Get the drift?

Facebook Custom Audience Tips & Tricks #2: Ad Adjustment

How about you move your non – performing audience into a performing one by changing your ad?

Say you were selling high-end apartments. Do you think the same ad would appeal to both men and women?

Women would be interested in the size of the kitchen and the natural light brought in to be the windows. 

Very tiny details would make them give it a nod.

Men, on the other hand, would be interested in the ROI that the apartment will bring them over the next five years. 

This means that your ad copy and image, need to be adjusted to fit the different genders and thus perform on both fronts.


Facebook Custom Audience Tip & Trick#3: Cloning

A third and final Facebook custom audience tip is to clone the invaluable audience insights from Facebook analytics and apply them to other marketing efforts.

You could retarget this audience and their look-alike audience on your Google Display Network remarketing ads 

 Always remember that you sell to people – Not keywords, not pixels – PEOPLE!

Your knowledge of your customer audience profile will overflow into the performance of your Facebook Ads.

Take advantage of the data Facebook provides to create a data-driven customer profile for your business.

Now get to work and analyze your custom audiences – know their demographics, interests and behaviours, and start leveraging that in your marketing campaigns TODAY.


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