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Digital Marketing is The New Normal – 6 Reasons

Though digital marketing in Kenya has been rampant in the recent past, the Novel Coronavirus has elevated its importance. 

Businesses have managed to stay afloat in this economic crisis by adapting to digital marketing strategies following the new consumer habits.

There is a behavioural shift, consumers in Kenya are spending more time at home and spend more time on the internet.

Needless to say, this pattern makes online marketing in Kenya the best choice for brands to survive in these uncertain times.

 Digital marketing is one of the best strategies which a brand ought to adopt. Not only for its agility and better performance but for the reason that it is cost-effective.

These tips will help your business sail through the storm.

Be smart

You should work smart and be ready to handle the challenges and retain existing customers. This is a peculiar time when charisma can result in huge gains for the business. 

It is ample time to put your business in front of your customers in the digital time.

Big brands in Kenya are using smart marketing and advertising campaigns to promote positivity and communicate important messages.

You can borrow this for your business on your scale.

Be social

It is vital to keep in touch with customers for retention. It is cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one.

Since most people are spending more time online, then reach is high, so is the engagement levels.

Your business should take advantage of these facts and enhance their online presence.

You want to stay on the minds of your target audience and connect with them like never before with compassion and empathy.

You could start an awareness campaign that will inspire and help people to cope with the current situation. 

Be visible

 Out of sight is out of mind has never been this meaningful before. It is the opportune moment for your business to improve its online visibility and advertise your products and services to attract more customers. 

Have a build brand awareness marketing strategy and get more visibility, which means driving traffic to your website to capture future sales. 

Remember one of the best times to get found by potential clients is when they’re searching for what companies are selling, ensuring that they can find at every point of the sale cycle.

Tweak your strategies and marketing mix with the new reality and you are guaranteed to survive.

 Be measurable

The measuring means tracking marketing spend. You need to measure your marketing efforts against success. You can use metrics like sales, numbers of hits, queries, numbers of lead, or referrals etc. 

During crisis time to ensure key performance indicators by Google Analytics, evaluating social media ROI is helpful. If you don’t measure, then you can’t manage. And if you’re not managing, then you could be wasting money. When budgets get tight, you need to make tough decisions on how you are going to spend resources for media uses and advertising efficiently.

Be on Google

Advertising on Google also helps with improving your business relevance to your target audience. You can use Google Display Ads to stay in front of your audience on Google. Pay Per Click is also good for cost-efficient lead generation. 

Be web-friendly

Do you want to be found on search engines? Set aside an SEO budget and develop a solid strategy.

Your finance team may find it necessary to cut down the marketing budget and subsequently affect your SEO efforts. 

When Google realises nothing is interesting happening on your website, your ranks will drop. This means your competitor moves up.

The best move is not to cut the SEO budget because it will eventually help to reach customers in a more cost-efficient and quicker way.


Focusing on digital marketing efforts in this coronavirus epidemic will help your business stay ahead of competitors and improve your online presence. 

By looking at the future, you can get ahead of the next normal, even if you are not ready to invest in paid advertising, you can still grow by implementing organic marketing techniques. These techniques are not just meant for today, they are for long term benefits for business. 

The Novel Coronavirus may have affected your business, but you should not take the beating and stay down.


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